Three different Ceramic Cups

These three cups. One short for espresso shots, one medium for those times your want a little more than a double….or perfect for a beautiful cup of tea.  One large for some filter coffee or juice.  The middle is my favorite, the texture is lively and the bright glaze breaks against it – perfect for those meditative moments of staring at the stars or watching the sun rise.  I can also promise everything taste better you drink from a handmade artisan cup. Advertisements Continue reading Three different Ceramic Cups

Espresso Cups in Aubergine Purple Glaze

These 80ml espresso cups are a challenge to photograph.  They deep rich shade appear black in many photos.  Here I used an old magazine page to help highlight the violet hues your eye can see when holding these cups.  Each set begins as a lump of clay, wedged methodically to mix the clays then made on the potters wheel.  After this there is a drying period before the base is turned smooth.  The cup is carefully handled many more times between firings and glazing before it comes to your hands. Continue reading Espresso Cups in Aubergine Purple Glaze

Shapeseeker Fabric Prints available soon!

I’m slowly starting with Spoonflower fabrics.  It’s taken a bit of time but I do ceramics and the designing and I’m a Mom.  So things take time and need balance.  Here’s a small sample of my first trials.  They will be available for sale soonishly.  I’m also preparing for a firing of ceramic cups- nearly all sold out already😊 I will post the link as soon as they are up for sale. Continue reading Shapeseeker Fabric Prints available soon!